Traditional Chinese Medicine


The heart meridian follows the path of the pain associated with a heart attack

In progress

This page is created as a repository for links for my use in learning more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM or 한약). Others are welcome to use it, but keep in mind it is not designed with the public in mind.

My interest in, and regard for, TCM was first peaked by my father-in-law in Korea, a practitioner of TCM (한약) who would give me herbs for everything from colds (the herbs were boiled, then the stew strained, to yield a foul tasting broth which I would drink; now available in pill form as Ganmaoling) to sexual potency (not really needed but the thought was appreciated). My wife, Patricia Daly, currently finds acupuncture an important part of her pain management program.

The basis of Chinese medicine is found in the Chinese world view in which the balance of yin and yang is a central concept. A second basic concept is that of chi (氣 pinyin=qi, ki in Japanese and Korean). Its importance is seen in acupuncture which facilitates the flow of chi through the meridians (channels), working to maintain this balance of yin and yang in the body.

Some useful links:

Also of interest, The Secret of the Golden Flower, a classic of Taoist meditation.

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